KDB Fruitful Deposit


What you need to know about the KDB Fruitful Deposit

Due to its significant interest this deposit ensures the possibility to gain the utmost of your savings!  

KDB Fruitful Deposit is a campaign term deposit in HUF, which concerns new savings. The Bank considers as new savings the amount from external sources, which increases the total amount of the customer's savings placed with the Bank. The refundable amount paid based on the Act XL of 2014 on rules and other provisions of settlement defined by the Act XXXVIII of 2014 on the clarification of questions in relation with the unified decision of the Supreme Court in regards to the consumer loans of the financial institutions (henceforth: Settlement Act) is to be considered as fresh money and can be placed in the present deposit in case of confirmation with the presented settlement letter.


Why choose our KDB Fruitful Deposit?

• interest with significant yield
• 2-month interest period
• already available from HUF 150,000


In case of early termination the interest rate for sight deposit in given currency defined in point 1.6 of the Private Announcement on Deposit Interest Rate valid on termination day shall be paid.

About the conditions and interest of KDB Fruitful Deposit you can find additional information detailed in Private Announcement on Deposit Interest Rate.

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