KDB Kontakt

KDB Bank 0-24 phone numbers:

In Hungary: 06-40-532-532 (06-40-KDB-KDB)
From abroad: (36-1) 473-4440


  • Multi-language menu system.
  • Press zero to call the administrator.
  • Administrators are available from Monday to Friday between 7 AM and 8 PM. After 8 PM customers can leave a message.
  • General information can be obtained without customer identification.
  • Identified customers may obtain all the information of their accounts and contracts.
  • Identified private customers can make various transactions via phone; most types of transactions made before 8 PM are completed the same day.
  • All conversations are recorded for security reasons. 


Why choose KDB Bank Kontakt Service?

  • It is absolutely free of charge
  • Service is available 24 hours a day
  • Manage your finances from anywhere in the world quickly and simply
  • Service can be customized according to your needs

General Services:

  • Bankcard cancellation
  • Product information
  • Current interests and rates
  • Currency exchange rates
  • Up-to-date money market data
  • Information about KDB Bank and its branch offices
  • Request information sheets and forms to your fax machine
  • Send fax messages
  • Answering machines after office hours

Services for identified customers (automated services):

The personal secret code for identification can be obtained at any KDB Bank branch office; the code can be changed anytime in the phone menu system.

  • Information on balance and the last ten transactions
  • Modify/cancel personal code 


KDB Contact Services for identified customers (call the operators by pressing “0”):

  • Inquiries about balances, transactions history, term deposits, monthly loan installments, services
  • HUF transfers (GIRO and VIBER)
  • Transfers between the customer’s own accounts
  • Intra-bank transfers
  • Conversion orders (at same-day FX rates)
  • Deposit transactions
  • Modify bankcard limit
  • Bankcard cancellation
  • Cancel secret codes for electronic services
  • Cancellation of direct debit
  • Personal data change
  • Request account history
  • Announce large amount cash withdrawals
  • Help-desk of KDB PC Kontakt Midi/Max services
  • Complaints

How to apply:

Personally at any KDB Bank branch office. You can receive immediately your identification number and secret code.


KDB Contact Center Service is absolutely free of charge.
Charges of transactions submitted via the Contact Center are the same as the charges of transactions submitted on paper.

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