Information regarding pandemic situation

Dear Clients!

KDB Bank Europe Ltd. (hereinafter: Bank) pays special attention to reduce the negative effects of the coronavirus. Please, read carefully our letter of information.


Business process
Business process is on-going, all the banking services are available for our Clients. Bank draws your attention to minimalize personal contact, thus if it is possible, choose online services! KDB NetBank and PC Kontakt are available in 7/24.


Most common services available via KDB NetBank:

  • Account information
    • Account balance
    • Account history
    • Account statement
    • Hold funds
  • Term deposits placement / management
  • Transfers
    • Domestic HUF payment order (Instant payment, GIRO, VIBER)
    • Transactions between own accounts, conversions
    • Internal HUF and FX payment order
    • SEPA and international payment transfer
    • Cross-border internal transfer
    • Pay bills
    • Standing order, direct debit
    • Group transfer (only for corporate clients)
  • Other orders
    • Bankcard limit modification
    • Free format letter (with attached file)
    • Notice of cash withdrawal
    • SMS service application/modification/cancellation


Cash handling
Transactions by contactless bankcard is more hygienic than cash transactions. We highly recommend preferring bankcards instead of cash transactions if it is possible and take advantage of Instant Payment service!
Banking opening hours
Due to the medical prevention, our colleagues work in special re-scheduled shifts to provide continuous banking services during the pandemic. It means that temporary closing any of our branches, (ATMs in this branch is still available) or modified opening hours can be applied. Please, check our website before visiting one of our Branches, and choose in-personal service just in urgent cases!
Opening hours at Branches:


Please, do NOT visit us if you,

  • contacted infected person, or if you have coronavirus symptoms.
  • were abroad in the last 14 days or contacted person who was abroad.
From the time of the above event, you will need to stay at home for 14 days – this is the official requirement by the government, thus plan your visit at KDBE in accordance with the requirement.
Furthermore, we draw your attention,
  • Please make visible your face for a while when entering in a Branch, because of bank security regulations.
  • if it is possible do not enter the branch, if there is no free client desk. Bank security staff will manage the queue. Please be patient, we really appreciate your understanding.
  • keep distance from each other, at least 1-2 meters between you and the other clients, and clerk as well.
  • use our antibacterial sanitizer to disinfect your hands when you enter the Branch, which is available at the entrance door to the Branch.
  • if it is possible do not take your child in their interest to the Branch.
  • avoid shaking hands, please.


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Call Center in accordance with the usual manner (at +36 1 473 4440 between 7:00 am and 8:00 pm on working days)
Please, pay special attention to the government recommendations, and do your daily duties in accordance with the recommendations, to keep your and the clerk’s health!
Thank you!


KDB Bank Europe Ltd.


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