Payment account related credit line

According to Government Decree No. 47/2020. (III. 18.), sale of the payment account related credit line (secured by salary) provided for private clients is temporary suspended until the conditions of a new product will be launched. The terms of the new product is under development, new condition list will be published soon.


Are you looking for fast solution for your financial difficulties?

Apply for free purpose payment account related credit line in Hungarian forint in order to eliminate the temporary liquidity problem!


Customers to whom we recommand the payment account connected credit line:

We provide it for clients whose payment account with KDB Bank has regular income. The credit line is available by revolving automatically within the determined credit line amount.

Who is entitled for the credit line?

The credit line applicant can be at least 18-years-old domestic individual person who opens a retail payment account with KDB Bank.

What tenor can be applied for the credit line?

The tenor of the credit line is 1 (one) year from the opening. Credit line contracts concluded from 18 October, 2016 can be prolonged automatically – unless the Bank’s written notification to the contrary – for more 1 (one) year, if the client shall meet the application conditions and the Bank’s client classification.

What amount can be applied?

Minimum amount: HUF 50.000, maximum amount: HUF 700.000.

How does repay the credit line?

Interest of credit line shall be due on 12th working day of each month; principal amount shall be due at the end of the tenor, in sum.

What kind of fees and costs shall be emerged in course of using and keeping of the credit line?

The Bank shall count one-time fee at application of the credit line and commitment fee for non-used credit line amount.

The “List of condition regarding payment account related credit line for domestic retail clients” contains the conditions for the Credit line, as interests, costs, types of charge, its calculation method, amount and due date and the “List of Conditions for private persons” and “List of Conditions of KDB Basic account package for private persons” contain terms and conditions in regards to account opening and maintenance. List of Conditions can be found in open areas of the branches and on our website.

What conditions are to be fulfilled for the application?

The applicant can apply the credit line as follows:

  • Applicant may be any domestic individual person at least 18-years-old, able to act
  • Payment account keeping at KDB Bank
  • Monthly regular income credit, at least 3-times on the payment
  • Applicant is not on the debtor list of KHR system
  • Applicant has no overdue with KDB Bank
  • Applicant has at least one valid direct debit authorization or standing order on the payment account

What documents are to be presented for the application?

  • Filled-in and signed application form
  • Valid personal ID card, address card
  • Employee: income certificate not older than 15 days filled-in on the Bank’s form
  • Last 3-months payment account statement on which the applicant’s income arrives
  • Pensioner: pensioner ID and last 3-months payment account statement or pension coupon
  • Copies of existing loan and credit contracts with other credit institutions; in case of payment account related credit line and credit card copies of the contracts and last 3-months related payment account statements
  • Authorization on direct debit or standing order


Further documents could be necessary in course of the credit review.

The above data are of indicative character, the Bank reserves the right for modification.

For detailed information please call KDB Kontakt on +36 1 473 4440 or turn to one of our branches.



We draw Your kind attention for the consumer protection homepage of the National Bank of Hungary and informants and supporting applications on comparison and choosing available on this website (program on credit or lease products, credit calculator, household budget calculator) that can be seen HERE!

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