About KDB Bank Europe


Company name: KDB Bank Europe Ltd.
Address: H-1054, Budapest, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 42-46
Phone: +36 1 374 9700
KDB Kontakt (Call Center): +36 1 473-4440
Fax: +36 1 328-5454
E-mail: info@kdbbank.eu
LEI code: 25940063825O2HW2DW43

Registry court: Fővárosi Bíróság (Court of Budapest)
Court register number: 01 10 041313
Tax number: 10326556-2-44

Audit committee: The duties of audit committee specified in subsection 3 of Section 157 of Hpt. are managed by the Supervisory Board (members: Lee Byung Ho chairman, Eom Hyo Woon, Dr. Komáromi Péter)


KDB Bank Europe Ltd. is a subsidiary in 100% ownership of the South Korean state bank The Korea Development Bank. We are a Hungarian financial market player for already 28 years, offering wide range of commercial banking services to retail clients, SMEs and large enterprises. Furthermore, we manage significant cross-border financing activity from our central office in Budapest, available in the countries of Central and Eastern European region and beyond.


History of KDB Bank Europe Ltd.

  • KDB Bank Europe’s predecessor (Investrade Kft.) provided financial services on the Hungarian market since 1989.
  • In the 90’s the Bank was known as MHB-Daewoo Bank, a Korean-Hungarian joint venture offering commercial banking services.
  • In 1997 full scale of banking services became available.
  • In 2002 The Korea Development Bank took over the ownership. We continued our operation under the name of KDB Bank (Hungary) Ltd.
  • In 2013 our Bank has changed name to KDB Bank Europe, reflecting our key position in KDB’s European strategy, in accordance with our increased cross-border financing activities. In the same year we have opened our first branch office abroad, in Slovakia.
  • Today our highlighted business line is corporate financing area, but we aim to continuously develop the whole range of our products and services.



KDB Bank Europe Ltd.'s domestic and cross-border strategy

  • Our pivotal mission is to serve Hungarian corporates - from micro, small and medium sized to large companies - on high professional level, by providing competitive, favorable financial solutions.
  • Our Bank fills the role of KDB network’s European hub. From this central position, we aim to continually increase the volume of our cross-border financing activities in other countries of the CEE region.
  • We are engaged in supporting South Korean companies and society in the region.





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