KDB Mobile Kontakt

With this service you can get notification to your mobile telephone in the form of an SMS message about financial events affecting your account. Apply for KDB Mobile Kontakt service and be notified in time if suspicion of fraud arises about your bank card.
By KDB Mobile Kontakt you can also monitor other items recorded on your bank account: if you require, we can even notify you about all amounts credited or debited. We can also offer a solution if you only want to be notified about the account movements over a certain amount (limit) defined by you.


Why do we offer you our KDB Mobile Kontakt service?

Mobile Kontakt is an ideal solution, since: 

  • it is comfortable and efficient: you can check your account movements simply and quickly; 
  • our customized service can be adapted to your needs: by specifying a limit; 
  • Available for a small monthly charge, our Mobile Kontakt service can be ordered even on telephone!


Services of KDB Kontakt:

Bank card SMS – We send you a message about each transaction completed with your bank card and/or partner card, whether it was cash withdrawal or purchase.

Mini SMS – You can be notified about every debit item on your account.

Full SMS – You can be notified about every debit and credit item on your account.


Choose the service type that fulfills your needs the best!


How can you use the services of KDB Mobile Kontakt?

Simply and quickly: All you have to do is order SMS sending in person or in any of our bank offices, or even on telephone, just call +36 1 473-4440!



A monthly charge is payable for KDB Mobile Kontakt service, but we do not charge anything for the messages. Please refer to our Condition List for further details.

If we managed to inspire your interest and you have further questions, please call KDB Contact Center on the blue number of +36 1 473 4440; or visit any of our bank offices, where we will be happy to be of service!


Telephone numbers certifying the authenticity of text messages sent by KDB Bank are:

+36 70 706 0532, +36 30 344 4094

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