Elite account package for VIP clients

We provide our Elite account package for those VIP clients whose have high net monthly salary and make regular transfers on their payment account kept at the Bank and premium services availability is serious.

You can decrease the monthly account package fee in case of fulfillment the following conditions:

  • minimum HUF 450,000/month credit on the payment account,
  • minimum 3 pieces fulfilled group transfer or standing order.

Elite account package includes the following services:

  • a free of charge HUF payment account,
  • a free of charge payment account in foreign currency,
  • free of charge KDB NetBank service,
  • free of charge KDB Kontakt (Call Center) service,
  • 1 pc VISA CHIP Gold HUF bankcard at favourable price,
  • free of charge bankcard security SMS.

The following products are available at favourable price, optional in the Elite account package:

  • 1 pc VISA CHIP Classic HUF supplementary bankcard,
  • 1 safety deposit box is available at 50% discount price compared to fees published in Announcement on Safety Deposit Box rental.

If You have any questions, please do not hesitate and call the KDB ContaCt on +36 1 473 4440 or turn to our colleagues in our any branch offices.


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