Bank-to-bank transfer (GIRO)

The GIRO transfers are bank-to-bank transfers: from a KDB HUF account to other bank’s HUF account.

 We advise this payment service to our clients who have a current account in HUF with our Bank. You may choose between single and standing orders.
Costumers who regularly transfer fixed amounts may choose the standing order. Regular but varying amounts (e.g. utility bills, insurance fee) may be paid through direct debit authorization.
VIBER transfers are quicker than transfers in GIRO system as bank-to-bank transfers in VIBER system are fulfilled the same day.


•    Quick and flexible administration
•    The orders presented during the cash-desk hours will be fulfilled the next working day*


Recommended to:

•    KDB Bank customers with HUF current account who would like to manage their finances in the most possible convenient way.


How to initiate:

•    Personally at any KDB Bank branch office
•    via KDB PC Kontakt and KDB NetBank
•    via KDB Kontakt; the call center service



•    Business Regulation on bank accounts, payment services and deposits


Related services:

•    Official bank certificate the day of the transfer
•    Standing order
•    VIBER transfer


*About cash-desk hours, conditions, cut-off time and execution dates You can informed from List of Conditions.


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