KDB Bank Cards

KDB retail VISA chip debit cards may belong to HUF, USD or EUR payment accounts. These debit bankcards are accepted worldwide at bank branches, ATMs for cash withdrawal and for purchases at the merchants where the logo is presented on the bank card (VISA/VISA ELECTRON). KDB retail bankcards are offered for private individuals. To one account may apply several cards.


Information about the private payWave cards

The payWave is a contactless payment technology, which is more comfortable and faster than the conventional bankcard payment. In case of shopping you only tap the card to the terminal and the transaction will immediately be completed, there is no need to scan the magnet stripe or the chip of the card. In case of contactless payments in Hungary under HUF 5,000 don’t even have to enter your PIN code (this amount can be variable per countries).

The contactless payment function – after the bankcard activation – can be activated with the first PIN code transaction.

How to use the contactless function:

  • If you see the icon on the POS terminal, you can use the contactless function of your bankcard.
  • Tap your bankcard to the POS terminal icon, after some seconds a beep and flash of the terminal lights indicate the successful payment.
  • For amount higher than HUF 5,000 you have to enter your PIN code.
  • After payment you get the receipt as usual.

The contactless payment highest limit is equal to the bankcard 24 hours payment limit.

The advantages of the contactless card:

  • It can be used as a normal bankcard: for purchase, online shopping or cash withdrawal from ATMs.
  • You can pay with one tap: at the terminals with  icon you do not have to pass over your bankcard because it is not necessary to insert the card into the terminal.

Is the contactless payment secured?

  • During payment you will keep your bankcard, you do not have to give it to the cashier, so you can exclude any risk that may arise from that.
  • The bankcard operates from 1-3 centimeters from the contactless terminal. Due to this small distance, no abuse is possible.
  • Contactless payments higher than HUF 5,000 you have to enter your PIN code.
  • You will still receive the receipt or invoice after the purchase.
  • If you applied for bankcard SMS or full SMS service, our bank will send messages about all the bankcard transactions.


What are the advantages of the KDB private cards?

* The conditions of the limit modification contained in the related List of Conditions.


KDB Card types


Embossed cards

VISA Classic chip: An embossed card, which can apply to HUF-, EUR- and USD-based payment accounts.


VISA Classic chip embossed debit card can be used much widely, than the Electron card. The card is accepted worldwide, can be used for cash withdrawal from ATM, at Branches, purchase and online purchase.

VISA Classic chip card is recommended to:

Private individuals who would primarily use their card for purchase, who often travel abroad or want to use their card for online (e-commerce) purchases.

 Terms and conditions of card application:

  • Private payment account at KDB 
  • 18 years of age private individuals
  • Minimum opening balance (as determined in the List of conditions)
  • Mobile phone for card security SMS service


Visa Gold chip: Premium card with extra services


VISA Gold chip embossed debit card is a premium prestige card with an exclusive free of charge travel insurance, including accident and sickness-, luggage- and liability insurance services.

VISA Gold chip card is Recommended to:

Private individuals who would primarily use their card for purchases, online purchases, travel frequently; and for those who appreciate the exclusive services.

Terms and conditions of card application:

  • Private payment account at KDB 
  • 18 years of age for Hungarian or foreign private individuals
  • Minimum opening balance (as determined in the valid List of conditions)
  • Mobile phone for card security SMS control


How to apply?

Personally at KDB Bank branch. The Bank will inform the client that the card is prepared within 20 working days after signing the bank card contract.

Applicable additional services

 Related services:

•          KDB Mobil Kontakt (SMS services)

•          KDB Kontakt

•          KDB NetBank

•          Overdaft

Conditions of the VISA chip private cards

The actual List of conditions is available at the following page.

Usage of the chip cards

  • The approval process of the card with chip and magnetic stripe is depending on the settings of the ATMs and/or POS terminals:
  • The ATM or the merchant’s POS terminal is checking the data of the chip
  • The ATM or the merchant’s POS terminal is checking the data stored on the magnetic stripe. 
  • In the case of ATMs, the transaction is approved by giving the PIN code, whilst in the case of POS terminals – depending on the settings of the POS terminal – the approval can be based on the cardholder either giving the PIN code or signing the receipt or by doing both.

Security advices during bankcard usage

  • Handle your card data confidentially.
  • Set your card usage limits corresponding with your spending/cash withdrawal habits.
  • Hide the PIN pad with your hands when entering the PIN code.
  • Do not note down the PIN code either in an encrypted or non-encrypted way, either in a notebook or in your mobile phone! Never give your PIN code away on phone, internet or e-mail.
  • Keep your card in your field of vision.
  • Always keep the card transaction slips (unsuccessful, rejected usage also). It can be requested by the Bank in case of complaint handling process.
  • Before purchases at internet merchants examine the website in details whether it is secured with encrypted communication.  (eg.: “https” in the browser or padlock in right bottom of the screen).
  • Apply for the Bankcard Security SMS service (free of charge in case of embossed cards).
  • Before purchasing please check that the merchants or service providers accept your bankcard or not – check at the entrance of the shop, at the cash desk or on the website is equipped with the VISA logo or not.
  • The preconditions of card acceptance at merchants may the personal identification document presenting by cardholder in order to prevent fraudulent actions.
  • Protect the card from damages, especially the magnetic stripe and the chip. Do not keep the bankcard next to magnetic object, because the data stored on the magnetic stripe can be damaged, and the card can be unusable.

Please, report immediately to the Bank via phone if your card is lost, stolen or any unauthorized usage is detected:

  • KDB Kontakt – On working days from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.: +36 1 473 4440
  • SIA Central Europe – nonstop: +36 1 421-2210
  • Visa International Customer Service – nonstop: +06-800-17682


For further information please call KDB Kontakt service: +36-1-473-4440


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