KDB NetBank

Step into KDB Bank’s online financial world!

KDB Bank offers easy access for finances its clients from everywhere in the world. KDB NetBank service is giving up to date, complete information every time. You can feel your savings’ maximal secure thanks to the three point login and security system.
Apply for NetBank account in any KDB branch and explore benefits of online finance!
KDB Bank cancels internet banking service’s annual fee for every clients who contracts in January!


Manage your finance rapidly, easily, online!

Thanks to KDB Netbank you do not have to go to the bank's branch to request a financial statement. You can simply download it from your online bank account, which shows you up-to-the-minute updated figures.

KDB targeted to develop a colourful, proper service fits to the different style and variety of customer expectations.


It’s worth to apply!
Your account information is available round the clock, regardless of the location. You can electronically transfer money from bank accounts or receive money in bank accounts within seconds.
Moreover it is possible to reschedule future payments from bank account while sitting thousands of miles away.
Internet banking has made life much easier and banking much faster and more pleasant.

The opening page provides you several useful columns:

  • In the ‘Offer’ column you can find information about special saving solutions
  • In the ‘KDB Tip’ column you can read practical solutions to save energy and time
  • In the ‘NetBank Plus’ messages you can get language lessons or other interesting contents


NetBank – I like it on my own way!
To increase customer experience, you have three different possibilities to choose among colour scenes, and make your NetBank layout as you wish.


More than a simple bank
Besides managing your finance, you have choice to get several additional services: enjoy either a daily Contemporary Fine Art content or Hungarian Language Lessons, too.


Fast solutions on a click!
Five gleaming quick-way-buttons are support you to reach express the most used functions with only one clicking.


Such an easy thing!
NetBank Wizard helps your way to learn every function what you can find in KDB NetBank. Wizard is symbolised by a money bag, which offers obvious operations in every time. It is recommended to everybody, who loves funky things, new solutions or everybody who is less familiar or be bored by traditional menu system.


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