Electronic Deposit for Corporate Clients

Fix your money easily from home or from work via your computer!
What advantages are offered by this deposit?
- higher yield than that of standard deposit
- 9- or 12-month term can be chosen
- Convenient way of deposit fixing via NetBank
Minimum amount: HUF 1,000,000

The period of Electronic Deposit can be as follows:

  • 9 or 12 months for newly contracted deposit only,
This deposit type is available for one term only.
The Electronic Deposit can be applied for only via KDB NetBank.
In case any of the stipulations determined in the related Announcement on the Deposit Interest Rate for the Electronic Deposit would not be fulfilled, the Bank pay the interest rate of term deposit with same tenor published in point 1.1. of the related Announcement on Deposit Interest Rate on the HUF deposit.
Detailed information is available in the related Deposit Announcement.
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