Prompt collections

KDB Bank current account owners may allow KDB Bank to manage collections on their behalf:
  • authorize KDB Bank to issue prompt collection order against their partners;
  • authorize their partners to charge collections against them via KDB Bank.

If a prompt collection order arrives against our Customer’s current account, it is considered valid if
  • it is in accordance with applicable law
  • the payer allows the presentation of collection in a written consent
  • the promissory note is presented at expiry (in accordance with applicable law)


  • Collections may be issued regardless to the amount
  • Comfortable: customers can easily receive their assets

Recommended to:

KDB Bank current account owners who would like to receive their assets in a quick and easy way.

How to apply:

  • Personally at any KDB Bank branch office
  • By mail


KDB Bank HUF current account
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