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Micro 4 PLUS, Electronic 5 PLUS and Orient account packages of the KDB Bank assure a possibility to choose a type of account keeping which is the most proper to Your business and demand.

Account package - Micro 4 PLUS for SMEs

It is an ideal choice for small and beginner enterprises who find the standard monthly account keeping fee high compared to their account turnover.

The monthly fee of Micro 4 PLUS package is only HUF 530.
In addition to its favorable fee it includes the services below:
·         KDB NetBank service
·         KDB Kontakt (Call Center) service

VISA Business bankcard can be applied for at an advantageous price as an element of package.
The precondition of account package involved is that at least 3 outgoing domestic HUF transfer and/or cash withdrawal must be initiated and fulfilled on monthly basis.

Account package - Electronic 5 PLUS for SMEs

Account package Electronic 5 PLUS is suggested for the enterprises which prefer electronic banking channels and having significant turnover. Your transfer orders transmitted via electronic banking channels are fulfilled at a very favorable commission fee.

Account package Electronic 5 PLUS includes below listed services:
·         1 pc of HUF current account
·         1 pc of VISA Business bankcard
·         chance to give an order or inquiry electronically
·         Bankcard SMS service
·         KDB Kontakt (Call Center) service

Account package - Orient

The Orient Account package is mainly offered for our higher cash and foreign exchange turnover corporate clients.

Using the account package either your foreign currency cash deposit or the transfer orders we fulfill at preferential price and the monthly fee of account package is only HUF 397!

The Orient account package includes these services free of charge:
 ·       1 pc of HUF current account
 ·       an optional USD or EUR current account
 ·       KDB Contact (Call Center) service
The Orient account package can be used  by corporate clients registered in Hungary.



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