The  IBAN  (International Bank Account Number)is an international bank account identifier,and it helps to  identify  the of the Account keeping country, Bank and the Beneficiary Customer. By using the IBAN and the International Bank Identifier code, „BIC”  (Bank Identifier Code or shortly called  SWIFT code) you can process quickly and punctually your financial payments. The usance of the international bank account
Number (IBAN) and the international bank identifier code (BIC) facilitates the international money transfers as to quickness and effectiveness, also has the effect to decrease the bank charges of the transfers within Europe.
The IBAN in Hungay consits of 28 characters.
The IBAN is valid only in case it is completely used, so that the zero’ at the end of this Code are also should be indicated.
  • First 2 characters are always "HU" being Hungary’s country code;
  • 3rd and 4th character is a control number;
  • 5th-28th  characters are the domestic account number
    In case one has a 16 character-long  account number, then the  last 8 digits of the IBAN code should be completed with zeros.
How to use the IBAN Number?
IBAN should be filled in to the Beneficiary Customer’s Account Number field, even if it is a paper-based order, or an electronic order.
Please  indicate the IBAN number   continuously, without using  space or hyphen ,  without adding any additional mark to it.
How to get information about your IBAN Number?
  • It is shown on your bank account statement
  • In our branches, from the clerks
  • By asking our Call Center service (KDB Bank Call Center +36 1 473 4440)
For the correct processing of  international money transfers, besides the IBAN Account number it is very important to indicate the Beneficiary Bank ’s BIC Code  ( Bank  Identifier Code ) i.e. the so called SWIFT identfication code. This  secures the ecxact and correct transfer of funds to the Account keeping Bank of the Beneficiry.
The extent and structure of the BIC Code maybe different by countries.
Indication of the Beneficiary’s Bank BIC Code is strongly recommended, as showing the Bank’s name and address as a text only will not secure itself the correct processing.
Please fill in the Beneficiary Bank’s BIC Code in all cases in the relative field of the payment request!
Why the usance of  IBAN and BIC identifiers  are so important?
In case of money transfers addressed to the EU countries, it is strongly recommended to fill in the IBAN and BIC Codes.
For the purpose of quick and punctual fulfillment of outward and inward money  transfers in EUR , we suggest to kindly inform your business partners about your own IBAN Bank Account Number and the KDB Bank’s BIC, which is: KODBHUHB ;  and please keep in mind to request their IBAN and BIC code of  their Account keeping bank as well.
We call your kind attention also to please use these identifiers  in case of  EUR transfers in the correct field on the money transfer orders. Otherwise it is possible that additional foreign bank charge will occur in connection with the transfer, which charge will be always for the debit of the initiating party (i.e. the ordering customer), by the Beneficiary or by the Intermediary Bank.
Please note, that as of 1st of January, 2007,  in lack of these identifiers, or  indication of them in an inappropriate column will result additional costs, or even the rejection of the money transfers!
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