Financing facilites

Overdraft facility

The Bank establishes a credit facility for the client who can debit the account within the limit and the established period automatically. The incoming receivables fill up the negative balance of the account automatically and let the balance utilised again.

Advantages to the Borrower:

  • Flexible utilisation
  • Simple drawdown and repayment procedures (efficient and convenient)
  • It can be utilised in HUF and FX currency as well
  • There is no additional approval needed for disbursements


Revolving and non-revolving huf financing facilities

Revolving: recommended if your company needs working capital financing on a regular basis to bridge over seasonal fluctuations of accounts receivable and long payment terms.
Non-revolving: offered if your company needs working capital financing/bridge loan for financing one-off transactions.

Advantages to the Borrower:

  • Flexible utilisation and repayment options


Revolving and non-revolving fx financing facilities

Revolving: We recommend this financing facility if your company needs regular working capital financing and has income or payables in FX.
Non-revolving: If your company needs working capital financing / bridge loan in foreign exchange, we recommend this product for financing one-off FX transactions.

Advantages of the FX financing facility:

  • Flexible
  • Payment for import of goods: you save conversion charges and time
  • Payment for import of goods: low interest rate and no devaluation risk
  • Can be granted in the currency of your choice (and quoted by the Bank)


Investment financing facility

Long-term financing facility for financing the development, expansion of your company. It is pursued on the basis of business plan.


Advantages of the investment financing facility:

  • Available for long term
  • Repayment is in accordance with a predefined payment schedule
  • By executing the investment, the value of the company increases considerably
  • Available in the currency of the Borrower’s choice (and quoted by the Bank)


Project finance (including syndicated financing facility)

Long-term facility for special purpose investment in order to finance companies or special assets.

Advantages of Project Financing:

  • Tailor-made financing  solution
  • It can be repaid from the future cash-flow of  the projects


Facilities with state subsidy

Subsidized financing facilities supported by:

  • Eximbank
  • MFB Bank
at favourable pricing.
  • Can be export or import related facility
  • For long-term period
  • At low interest rates
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