Internal Transfers

It is a possible for Customers holding HUF and foreign currency payment account with us, to make third party payment orders or internal transfer orders within the bank. Under third party payment order instruction, KDB Bank transfers the money to the beneficiary's account.


  • Single transfers and regular standing orders
  • Transfers between the customer’s own payment accounts
  • Transfers from a payment account to another customer’s payment account
  • Transfer in one or more currencies (with applicable foreign currency conversion)


  • Quick, reliable and flexible service
  • Orders are fulfilled generally on the same day

Recommended to:

KDB Bank HUF or foreign currency payment account holders who would like to manage their finances in the most convenient way possible.


  • Must be KDB Bank HUF or foreign currency payment account holder

How to apply:

  • Personally at any KDB Bank branch office
  • Online via KDB NetBank or on KDB Kontakt Center

Related services:

T+1 day conversion (favourable than cash rate)
T+2 day converions (FX rate)

Conditions list

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