Information on use of cookies


The definition of cookie

Like most websites, KDB Bank Europe Ltd.’s (hereinafter: Bank) websites – sites under and domain names – use cookies.

When the website visitor visits the Bank’s website, a small text file, a cookie is downloaded on the visitor’s computer or on other device used for browsing (tablet, smart phone, portable smart device), and it can subsequently be accessed by the Bank as well as set out below. Purpose: Cookies are designated to collect information about the visitor, and the device, to store the visitor’s custom settings, which can be used for example during online transactions, and to make the website easier to use in general in order to provide a quality user experience for the visitor.

Some cookies are temporary and will disappear when the browser is closed; others are persistent and will stay the visitor’s computer for some time.


Cookies used on the Bank’s websites

  • Session cookies

These cookies are required for users to browse our site, and fully and smoothly use its features and services available on our website. These cookies’ period of validity only applies to the current visit, these cookies are automatically deleted from the user’s computer or other device used for browsing when the browser is closed.

Session support on our website (ensuring the proper functioning of the website) is carried out in accordance with provision specified in Section 13/A § (3) of Act CVIII of 2001 on Electronic Commerce and on Information Society Services.

It is important to note that we cannot guarantee you a convenient and a smooth use of our websites without the use of these cookies.

  • Functional cookies

These cookies provide opportunity to store information about your choices, settings and surfing habits related to our website so that you do not have to make these settings again every time you visit the site. These cookies do not store other data, so these are not suitable to identify you personally. These cookies remain stored in the browser, on the visitor’s computer or on other device used for browsing until their expiry or deletion by visitor.

Please note that by pressing the "I agree" button, you give your consent to the use of cookies for 30 days, and after this period, the site will remind you about the cookies and your consent will be asked again to use cookies.

  • Third-party cookies

The Bank uses cookies from Google Analytics as third-party cookies on its websites as well. By using Google Analytics, a website statistics service, the Bank collects information about how visitors use the websites; such as which pages they viewed, on which parts of the website they clicked, the number of pages they visited, or how much time they spent on each sites. These data cannot identify you personally. These data are used with aim of developing the website and improving the user experience. These cookies are stored as well in the bowser of the visitor’s computer, or other device used for browsing until their expiry or deletion by the visitor. For further information on cookies of Google Analytics service, please click here.


Information related to cookies used by the Bank’s websites



Name of the cookie

Type of the cookie

Expiry of the cookie

Websites under



Session cookie

Until the relevant session is closed

Websites under,


Functional cookie

30 days


Functional cookie

(in case of using the accessibility function)

30 days



Third-party cookie

(Google Analytics)

2 years


Third-party cookie

(Google Analytics)

10 minutes

Websites under

A 24-digit unique session ID consisting of random numbers and characters (3 copies of this)

Session cookie

Until the relevant session is closed


Functional cookie














Maximum security

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that even if you allow the use of cookies on the websites of the Bank, the browser will not store any IDs or passwords. You can use the Bank’s e-banking services in perfect security with allowing the use of cookies as well.

Allow cookies

Accepting, allowing the use of cookies is not mandatory, however, please note that, it can occur due to preventing the use of cookies or deleting cookies that you will not be able to use completely and smoothly all functions and available services of our website, or the website will operate differently as intended on your computer, or other device, in your browser.

Checking and turning off cookies

Browsers allow you to change your cookie settings. Although, most browsers are set by default to accept cookies automatically, the setting of the browser can be changed to prevent automatic acceptance. In this case, the browser will offer you the choice of cookie settings every time you visit the website.

To learn more about changing your browser settings, please review your browser’s instructions or help desk. By clicking on the following links you can learn about about cookie settings of the most popular browsers:



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