Deposit insurance - National Deposit Insurance Fund

Credit institutions with headquarter in Hungary, are bound to join the deposit insurance system (OBA/NDIF), consequently the deposits (sight and fix) deposited in any Hungarian credit institution are under OBA protection - not including the deposits, which are excluded from the insurance legislation.


If a credit institution becomes insolvent, i.e. is unable to pay the depositor's savings (deposits become unavailable), the OBA (NDIF) is entitled to pay compensation: first time the capital, then the interest amount, the upper limit of payment is defined by law to be EUR 100,000 currently, calculated into Hungarian forints. The NDIF insurance is valid for each credit institution respectively. What it means is that if a depositor deposits money in multiple banks, they are insured in each bank up to the limit defined in law.


KDB Bank Europe is a member of the National Deposit Insurance Fund.

The OBA free mobile application is a fast and easy-to-use tool via smartphone to check your saving weather it is protected or not. The application show the limits of your protection, the list of the institutions are protected by the OBA and also a process map what happens if a bank fails. This application contains the most important issues related to deposit insurance, you can also access the OBA website, contact the OBA staff.


For further information, please refer to "Compass to deposit insurance" in the prospectus or contact OBA website (


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