Important changes related to login and signing orders in KDB NetBank and KDB PC Kontakt as
of September 14, 2019

Dear Client,

As we informed you, the provisions of the PSD2 European Union Payment Services Directive (2015/2366/EU) on strong customer authentication will enter into force on September 14, 2019. According to the change which directly affects our customers, from September 14, 2019 the Bank’s electronic channels can be used only with strong customer authentication, also known as two-factor authentication process, for both login to the service and signing orders.

The Bank provides the following authentication methods regarding the usage of KDB NetBank and KDB PC Kontakt (Electra) from September 14, 2019. We highly recommend to use ViCA application from these authentication methods.

ViCA application
ViCA (Virtual Chipcard Application) is a personal authentication mobile app running on Android/iOS smartphone/tablet, by which KDB NetBank and KDB PC Kontakt (Electra) services can be used in a more secured way. By using ViCA the user can approve/reject his/her login into NetBank or PC Kontakt and orders generated in NetBank or PC Kontakt can be signed/rejected. ViCA app provides biometric authentication (fingerprint and facial recognition), which can be optionally used on a compatible device in accordance with client’s decision. More information about ViCA app can be downloaded here:

Password + SMS authentication
If you do not use ViCA app for authentication, logging in KDB NetBank and KDB PC Kontakt services and signing orders can be confirmed by login password and one-time use code sent to client’s mobile phone via SMS.
If you would like to use even stronger authentication process than password + SMS, switch to ViCA!

Here are detailed the most relevant changes about authentication process enters into force on September 14, 2019. Please read the below written information carefully in order to manage your daily finances smoothly via our electronic channels and avoid any inconveniencies.

  • Please be aware that login only with password and signature only with SMS code or only with password will be terminated from September 14, 2019. The Bank will refuse order packages which signed with these authentication tools before September 14, 2019 and have been sent after September 14, 2019. In this case signature must be deleted on prepared packages and have to sign again with ViCA or password + SMS authentication.
  • You are not influenced by changes if you have already log in and sign orders with the use of ViCA application on all available electronic channels to you and all the related clients assigned to the user.
  • If you have already taken advantages of ViCA (it means ViCA have been already set up for login and/or signing at least one assigned client in any kind of available electronic channel to you), ViCA application will be set up for login and signing in all the available electronic channel to the user and all the assigned clients from September 14, 2019. (e.g.: If you currently login with password and you manage more clients with same login, and you sign with ViCA in one case, but sign with SMS code at other clients, ViCA application will be set up for all the case, for login and for signature at all clients.)
  • If you have not switched for ViCA, but your mobile phone number associated to NetBank/PC Kontakt has been provided previously for the Bank, in all cases (login and sign orders) password + SMS authentication will be set up automatically from September 14, 2019. You can set up ViCA individually from September 14, 2019 in your NetBank too (in NetBank: Other orders/Setup authentication tool in Electra: Administration commands / Setup authentication tool (QCA)).
  • If your mobile phone number associated to NetBank/PC Kontakt has not been provided for the Bank yet, your KDB NetBank/ PC Kontakt access will be automatically limited; to sign orders will not be possible from September 14, 2019. In this case please visit one of our branches and ask to setup strong customer authentication and give a valid mobile phone number.
  • Changes influence PC Kontakt (Electra) service too. Detailed information has been sent to the influenced clients previously.


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Call Center on bank working days at +3614734440.


KDB Bank Europe Ltd.


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